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Reza Sarrafi

November 12 – 17, 2013

Reza Sarrafi is an artist native from Persia who is living in France since 33 years. Totally self-taught, he is painting and drawing from his youngest age and was rapidly attracted by the Dutch and Flemish old masters and their capacity to design the space in which both forms and substances become alive due to the light and the colour. Due to a hyper-realist technique perfectly managed, the artist gives us the impression that his still life artworks are really lively. We even believe that we could stroke the represented items and the ladybird, which is flying around his signature, increases the light touch of fantasy and life included in the painting.

The artist has already been exposed many times in France but this exhibition will be the first one organised in Switzerland. The hedonistic topics selected should allow you to visually consummate this art style without any restriction!