What We Do

Banking and financial consulting

The spectrum of services offered by Artgentharius covers the following activities:
  • Any consulting activity, valuation, analysis and strategic financial and banking planning, notably in view of any acquisition, sale or restructuration of company. Mainly the assistance in the identification of partners, in connecting people and in the preparation of any due diligence reports.

  • The expert consulting in banking, notably in areas such as internal control, elaboration of organisational models, follow-up and management of operational risks. Assisting the banks’ managements to ensure compliance with legal requirements promulgated by Regulators and Self-Regulatory organisations (FINMA, SFA, Swiss Bankers Association, Banque de France and Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel, Autorité des Marchés Financiers, Monaco Budget and Treasury Direction, Monaco CCAF, Monaco AMAF). The optimization of existing internal control plans and synthetic risk mapping, evidencing the synergies between bank’s Management and Board of Directors.

  • The analysis and monitoring of financial and economic data, specifically the scanning of current client’s portfolios and their potential for growth, not only in relation with the review of performance track-records but also under the angle of the qualitative aspect of documentation.

  • Client-friendly relocation solutions to financial institutions for client segments no longer complying with the strategy and defined economic goals.

  • Flexible outsourced solutions for the preparation, the organisation and monitoring of Board of Directors meetings and at disposal arrangements for step-in independent qualified board members.

The targeted range of clients for Artgentharius is represented by small-medium sized banks, financial companies, funds management companies, investment funds, family office, external asset managers, mainly domiciled in Switzerland or in Monaco.