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Fine Art

Artgentharius is also acting as a go-between institution in fine art business transactions (sale, purchase or exchange of fine art pieces). In a broader sense, Artgentharius can trade and/or acquire any financial participation in relation with Fine Art business. Authenticity, reliability, professional discretion, careful follow-up in the dealing process, combined with an extended knowledge of the market are the major assets of Artgentharius.

The main goal of Artgentharius is to bridge Art and Business circles.

For Fine Art business purpose, Artgentharius Conseils, with the assistance of Mr. Jean-Pierre Grandi, has entered an incidental collaboration with Galerie 26, the oldest gallery of Place des Vosges, located in the heart of the Marais in Paris.

For these kinds of services, Artgentharius focuses ideally on a various range of clients acting within their professional framework or for their own interest. These clients are mainly composed of private fine art collectors, individual partnerships, banks, foundations prone to acquire attractive works both from well-recognized artists as well as promising painters.

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