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Julian Taylor

October 4 – 10, 2011

Of British origin, Julian Taylor lives since many years in the Périgord region, in France. His acrylic painting is tinged with a touch of nostalgia giving the impression to have already seen somewhere these winter-snow landscapes, these countrysides beloved of our tender age, these roofs either in a city or in a village, without forgetting Julian Taylors's favorite subjects such as lighthouses, piers, harbours, vintage riggings, towings or sailing boats as the artist is an experienced sailor. Julian Taylor's technique mixes perfectly on the canvas the accuracy of the drawing line - with a flavour of architectural hint - and some pictorial details marked by a kind of extravagance, both committing anyone to look at the painting with much more attention and above all pleasure. Julian Taylor is simply a painter who is in the figurative tradition and who knows how to move people up their real-life experiences and emotions by re-creating a true world full of lyricism and poetry.