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Hugo Terracol

November 18th – April 30th, 2022

Hugo Terracol is a young French artist. To penetrate your painting is to understand the place determinant of harmony in the painter's creative process. His works are all traversed by what he calls "an animated void".

The exhibition "Breaths" shows us that this void is not absence but a other presence, filled with poetry and lyricism. His abstract pictorial touch, of very Western invoice is aesthetically the worthy heiress of the masters Chinese art, such as Zao Wou-ki. The mind cannot conquer the universe because they are as vast as each other, manifesting themselves through the other and transforming into breath and energy through their movements and trades. In Hugo Terracol’s paintings, landscapes are never far away, around a boulder, a lake or a mountain, but they are only a pretext for artistic reflection on harmony and composition. Between the visible and the invisible, the relative and the absolute, we pay homage to the beautiful invite you to come and contemplate!

Here goes some of his works that were exposed: