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Franck Bouroullec

Sep. 26 – Oct. 2, 2016

Franck Bouroullec is an artist native of France and based in Switzerland - La Tour de Peilz – since more than 11 years. As mentioned on his website, “…he eludes all familiar painting’s classifications and defies with his paintbrush time and space, leaving in his wake like a hint of eternity…”. He is primarily and internationally recognized as a performance painter due to the speed of a simple stroke of his paintbrush in his quest to touch upon the very essence, either during stage performances or for institutional artworks, such as the tribute to Charlie Chaplin realised on the frontage of two towers in Vevey – Switzerland. Franck Bouroullec manages so well its artistic fundamentals, in particular the portraiture, that he can paint in a more conventional spirit, excluding any time constraints, simply in search of the essentials.

Thanks to this first exhibition in Geneva the public will discover the multiple talents of the artist, keen of large acrylics frameworks, representing not only icons but many other themes. Important message for art enthusiasts: just come and see!