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Christophe Grimonpon

February 26 – March 10, 2013

Christophe Grimonpon is a young artist born in Normandy in 1976. It was during his travels, especially in London, that he discovered hyperrealism, which now represents the basis of his technique but by which he does not feel confined.

His favorite themes are shipyards, plane hangars, garages, cars and stationary planes, libraries, interiors of famous hotels and restaurants and more recently train stations and two-wheelers. No human representation, no silhouette. Yet nothing is anecdotal given how the fiction approaches reality. The magic happens thanks to the imaginary engine purring, the sound of wood creaking, the smell of old leather or engine oil and other dusty environments devoid of all human activity but still so alive in our eyes. Christophe Grimonpon was appointed official painter of the air and space by the French Minister of Defence in July 2011, a sought-after title. There are many applicants, but few are appointed!